Bobby Thompson and the Groove

Refreshing, Exciting, New

Funk and Soul Infused Rockin' Blues

Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Bobby Thompson and The Groove is a group that has meshed different styles together to create their own unique sound. Each member, Bobby Thompson (Guitar/Vocals), Rich Mannion (Keyboards/Vocals), Rob Sinchak (Bass), Cody Fritzley (Drums), has brought their own influences and style to the music. Each one came from vastly different backgrounds, but have come together to bring audience their own style of Funk and Soul Infused Rockin' Blues. Their sound has garnered awards such as the 2019 Jim Weber Guitarist of the Year Award and the 2019 Western PA Blues Challenge Winners. It has taken them many places, including Memphis, TN for the International Blues Challenge. They provide a high-energy, professional experience for everyone to enjoy. For more information, you can also find us at, and anywhere you buy or stream music online.


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